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6 Tips to Help You Plan Your Amazing, Relaxed Wedding in Ireland

First things first, have you ever been to a relaxed, fun filled wedding? If you have, I bet you it was the vibe, atmosphere and the guests that made it so good! So, the question really is, how do you ensure there is a great vibe and atmosphere on your wedding day? Let me help you with my Top 6 Tips to Help You Plan a Relaxed, Fun-filled Wedding.

1. Re-work the Formalities to Suit Your Vibe Most people get married once in their lives, so planning your day often leads to doing exactly what those before you did. But you do not have to! So, to begin planning your perfect relaxed wedding you will need to de-formalise a little and you can do this from word go with your wedding invites! Your wedding invite holds so much info, use it to show your guests how relaxed and fun this day will be. Things like relaxed dress codes and informal seating plans are great ways to de-formalise a traditional wedding so make sure to inform your guests.

2. Choose the Perfect Venue for You The venue is without doubt the most expensive cost on your wedding day so make sure you choose the venue that offers the perfect service for you. If you want a fun-filled day whereby sipping Mojito’s leads to a 2am dance off with your BFF then you will want to choose a venue that suits that vibe. You do not want a venue that sends the band home at midnight and the guests to bed when the party is only getting started! Search for a venue that suits you.

3. Get Mingling Weddings are amazing and even more amazing when as a guest you come away from them having had the best day ever! Having a hen party or even a home get together before your wedding is like a pre-wedding ice breaker that familiarises your different groups of friends with each other. On the day itself, you should seat your guests at tables with people who you know will get on like a house on fire. Happy guests are the life blood of a great day and will ensure your day effortlessly flows.

4. Be You Your guests love you and want you to have the best day so in turn relieve yourself of stress and worry and be you! Your aura will affect everyone’s mood, so show everyone those pearly whites and have a blast on the best day of your life because you deserve it! Those happy, carefree vibes will undoubtedly rub off on your guests and ensure the atmosphere is perfect.

5. Visualise the Flow The perfect one size fits all wedding schedule does not exist! The perfect schedule is when the flow, the mood and the vibe all click and voila, everyone is loving life. So, visualise your day from your guest’s eyes to see what works. Do you want your guests disappearing after the ceremony and only returning to the party when it’s time for the meal or do you want them indulging in donuts and Pina Colada’s in the venue’s chill out bar? Your guests will love it when there is a clear flow to the day therefore they just have to turn up and enjoy the celebrations as they happen.

6. Book a Great Band or DJ Easy peasy step! You can guarantee your wedding will be mighty craic if you select the best band or dj for your vibe! You don’t have to spend a massive budget to get the dance-floor hopping but you do have to do your research. Using YouTube & Facebook you should be able to listen to and watch all the options out there and if you are really organised you could even go hear them playing. Let them know your favourite songs as I can guarantee when you're on the dance-floor busting moves, your guests will want to join you too!

How easy is that, each point requires no extra money just a little thinking and voila!

Remember my bullet number four from now until your wedding and repeat it in your head over and over again, "your guests love you!". You will have the best wedding day ever regardless of these pointers so relax and enjoy the preparations.


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